Rockstar premieres first full-length GTAIV trailer

Rockstar has released a second trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV which can be viewed on our sister site, Eurogamer TV.

Entitled "Looking For That Special Someone", the one-minute, six-second teaser features protagonist Niko Bellic attempting to track someone down in a variety of scenes from the game.

Viewers will notice numerous gameplay elements not seen in prior GTA games, including hanging off the back of vehicles, kicking in doors, dangling from a helicopter, and watching bullets impact a car's windshield from inside the vehicle.

Rockstar previously announced plans to release a Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition which will be presented in a customised metal safety deposit box. The box will contain a copy of the game, an art book, a selected soundtrack CD, an exclusive keychain and a limited edition duffel bag.

The Special Edition is now available for pre-order in North America and will retail for USD 89.99. There is no word on whether a similar product will be available in Europe.

GTA IV is scheduled for a US release on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 16. The European launch is scheduled for October 19.

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