Rising Star announces line-up for Games Market Europe

Rising Star Games will be bringing over key members of staff from its Japanese parent company, Marvelous Interactive, to accompany the display of new titles at next week's London-based trade event, Games Market Europe.

The company will be hosting a range of playable titles from its forthcoming retro remakes catalogue, including an early demo of Rainbow Islands Revolution, Bubble Bobble Revolution and a new RPG called Lunar Genesis, all on Nintendo DS. They'll be joined by Space Invaders Evolution and Bubble Bobble Evolution on PlayStation Portable. It will also announce an unnamed flight sim for PSP, and a new Harvest Moon title for DS.

In attendance with these titles will be Marvelous Interactive staff; Yasuhiro Wada, president and CEO (Harvest Moon), Junichi Kutsuzawa, chief producer (Lunar Genesis and PSP flight sim), Tony Byus, producer (Bubble Bobble Revolution and Rainbow Islands Revolution) and Tomio Kanazawa, senior producer for Rising Star Games and Marvelous Interactive (Space Invaders Evolution).

The DS version of Bubble Bobble Revolution is expected in October, while its PSP Evolution counterpart will be released around February 2006. Rainbow Islands Revolution and Space Invaders Evolution are both slated for a November launch, this year.

Games Market Europe starts August 31st, ending on September 1st. Potential attendees should visit the official site.

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