Retailers price DJ Hero, Band Hero bundles

New music games from Activision get tentative price ahead of official RRP

Retailers have begun to price highly-anticipated Hero titles from Activision before the publisher has stamped an official RRP on the items. is currently listing DJ Hero, the next title in the best-selling music franchise, for USD 119.99 (GBP 73), complete with turntable peripheral, ahead of its October launch.

The Band Hero Bundle, which comes complete with guitar, drums and microphone, is listed by for GBP 149.99 on Wii and PlayStation 2, and down for release in November.

Activision's Guitar Hero boss Dan Rosensweig recently stated that international growth outside of the US was one of the main focuses for the company's music brands, with DJ Hero in particular targeted at a more European audience.

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Latest comments (2)

Chris Kolmatycki Game Designer, HB Studios12 years ago
$119 seems a bit high for DJ Hero...I had been expecting a $99 ceiling.
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Alexander Cederholm Editor-in-Chief, GAMEcore.se12 years ago
It's new technology and new manufacturing lines so I can go along with that it is expensive BUT it's quit risky to have such a prince on a game without a known brand. I believe that Activision hopes to lure over a bunch of people just because of the Hero-branding, but that seems a bit wrong to me.

And for the record. I actually look foward to playing DJ hero after seeing it on E3.
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