Reeves laughs off Realtime Worlds rumours

Outgoing Sony president admits he'd never heard of Crackdown and APB developer

Outgoing Sony Europe president David Reeves has said that before last week he'd never heard of Scottish game developer Realtime Worlds.

It had been rumoured that the exec would be joining the APB and Crackdown developer after he retired from Sony at the end of the week.

"I've never even heard of the company. I didn't even know who they were," said Reeves, speaking to

"I hope that answers the question. I've never, ever heard of them. Definitely not."

Realtime Worlds today appointed Take-Two, Rockstar and Capcom vet Gary Dale as its new CEO.

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Alexander Cederholm Editor-in-Chief, GAMEcore.se8 years ago
Yeah.... that's a classy answer right there. Kind of interesting how he did not know about Crackdown and therfore not Realtime Worlds. It's like laughing when you at the same time say "Dude, you really did a downgrade there...".
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Alex Wright-Manning Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Datascope8 years ago
So David Reeves has never heard of RTW? What an informed guy. His finger is seriously on the pulse eh? I bet Sony will really miss his input. Good luck to Gary Dale incidentally, RTW are a cracking studio with an excellent attitude towards their people and products.
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Franck Sauer Creative / Tech Art Director, Fresh3d8 years ago
Yeah, shows how top execs can be disconnected from reality sometimes.
I mean, we could even say David Jones contributed to some extend to sony's success with lemmings first (through psygnosis that became sony), and GTA after that.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Reeves always did have a knack for opening his mouth and inserting his foot and it's nice to see he ends his tenure at Sony on a familiar note.
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