Realtime Worlds goes social with Project: MyWorld

Google, Nintendo inspires new game from APB creator

Realtime Worlds has shown off its latest project, ambitiously labelled as a cross between Google Earth and a Nintendo game.

Project: MyWorld aims to combine social networking and traditional and casual games, incorporating established services such as Facebook and Twitter.

As well as courting consumers with a teaser site and video, Realtime Worlds has also put out a call to developers and publishers to get involved in the project.

"What would it look like if Nintendo built Google Earth? Project: MyWorld turns the real world into a fun 3D social gaming experience," reads the site.

"Project: MyWorld is a virtual recreation of the real world combined with 3D gaming and social media. We have an entire world to fill so there's plenty of room for everyone."

The game is due to go live in 2011, with RTW currently accepting sign-ups for the beta.

Realtime Worlds last project was massively multiplayer online game APB, a title that failed to live up to its hype on release and was criticised in the specialist press. It currently has an average Metacritic rating of 58 per cent.

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Jonathan Lindsay Creative Director, Playomic11 years ago
I really enjoyed the video, but they'll have their hands full with this one. The problem with APB is a lack of content (and bad balancing). RTW has to take care that Project:MyWorld ships with some good solid content and that they focus on making lots of fun events for the community. Simply hoping that players will make thousands of cool games is unrealistic. LBP has some really nice tools, but still most of the UGC is total crap.

I wish them the best of luck and look forward to playing it.
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Phil White Head of Online Operations, Crytek11 years ago
Glad the announcement is finally out on this one as having seen it in the fresh (so to speak) it is simply amazing. The video is great but doesn't come close to how awesome this is.
Go RTW and the MyWorld team :)
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whoa..very ambitious. Reminds me (in a positive way) of a mix up of Sims, Sim City and Second Life

Looking forward :)
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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft11 years ago
@ Jonathan, from what I've read and seen, this would appear to be a platform for games and advertisement rather than a game in and of itself. I would presume they are looking for studios to create the games rather than players.

This has massive potential, if it's pulled off correctly I would imagine it could take a reasonable portion of Facebook's gamerbase away.

Best of luck to the lads and ladies at RTW.
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