Ready At Dawn to launch dev platform

Engine will integrate Autodesk's Maya software for real-time development previewing

Ready At Dawn Studios has announced that it is to launch its own development platform, with Autodesk named as the first of its software partners.

The Ready At Dawn Engine will integrate its game editing environment with Maya's own toolset to provide an interface for modeling, level design, animation and game design tasks, the company said.

"The time for hard-to-learn, hard-to-use proprietary editing environments is over," explained Dider Malenfant, president of Ready At Dawn. "Thanks to Maya we hope to be able to offer an industry standard editing environment in which to perform game editing tasks, from modeling to level and game design.

"We have seen first hand with our internal teams how powerful this integration is and are excited that we should be able to provide developers with the ability to create and edit game content in one place."

And Autodesk's VP for games, Marc Stevens, added: "At Autodesk, we know how important it is for game developers to have a comprehensive, fully-integrated game platform. "The proposed integration of the Ready At Dawn Engine's complete game editing environment with Maya should give game designers, level designers and everyone on a game development team access to Maya software's world class editing environment. This should give development teams a single workflow, with no need for back and forth exporting between separate applications."

The Ready At Dawn Engine will offer support for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360 platforms.

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