Rare axes artist and engineer positions

Project lead jobs also go as employees asked to reapply for other positions at Viva Piņata studio

Banjo and Viva Piñata studio Rare has already axed a number of positions in its art and engineering teams, understands.

Around 12 positions have gone in both departments, and the company is also reducing the number of project leads, asking employees to reapply for positions elsewhere within the company.

Microsoft Game Studios announced on Tuesday that it intends to restructure the highly-regarded team, in order to simplify development.

By adopting new business and development processes, Rare hopes to be more reactive to the wider changes hitting the Microsoft Corporation, which has led to the company shedding 5000 employees.

However, despite the changes, Rare is currently at work on four different projects and continues to be a flagship studio for Microsoft Game Studios. Earlier this month, Microsoft's Chris Lewis told that original IP would not be sacrificed by MGS in favour of working on popular franchises.

"If you batten down the hatches and simply work where you know you're already strong, that doesn't give you the future growth that we're all hungry for," he said.

A spokesperson for Rare declined to offer any official comment.

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By Danielle Partis

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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D13 years ago
amazing how rich (w)(b)ankers get all sorts of handouts, and an industry which actually brings foreign currency into the country gets **** all help.
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It sickens me when great guys are thrown to the dogs like this.

feel free to send your CVs up here guys, we love what you guys have done over the years.

Gordon Hall
Studio President
Rockstar Leeds
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Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd13 years ago

Goverment "stimulus" should only be given to home grown companies that are already performing well and have the greatest potential for growth.

The banking bail-outs and other misguided responses will impoverish savers, force us into a 10+ year depression and bankrupt the UK, just like Iceland before us, and eastern europe next.

The only "up-side" is that a depressed UK will be a cheaper development base for foreign companies.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D13 years ago

Yeah, that's one of the things the Game Investor report highlighted in relation to Canada - the fact that the incentives have really helped multinationals and squeezed indigenous developers. So developers based in Canada make the IP, the money flows back overseas. One question is what happens when the Quebec government tries to reign back in on the tax breaks? Do the big multinationals threaten to leave unless they continue to get subsidised? Does the Quebec government baulk at the idea of so many new jobless hitting the streets and give in?

Anyway, I would have thought that following your suggestion is far too sensible for the government here.
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It's so difficult for small UK based Indie outfits. they generally have a bit less savvy business wise than the US outfits, but have more talent and drive. i love it when i see an Indie get past the tipping point where they are needed by publishers. it's at that point they have it all to play for. obviously if they don't manage that growth they will falter, but it's always good to see them hit that mark.

good luck to them all.

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