Radical tackling violent game restrictions with Prototype

Developer working hard to ensure mature title is released in all regions

Radical Entertainment has said that it's prepared to tackle the restrictions placed on violent and mature videogames in regions such as Germany and Australia.

Both regions are notorious for demanding cuts to games, but Radical's marketing director Chris Hansell has said the team will face the challenges and work closely with ratings authorities to ensure release.

"We're working really closely with the German office and we've had multiple meetings with the USK. As you can imagine that was a lot of work to get it through the German market but we take it very seriously," said Hansell.

"They've seen it a number of times and we're making very detailed analysis of the particular elements we need to change and tweak and we're always watching the other titles and what they have to change. It's a large job for us to do, I won't lie. It's a challenge that we've said we would tackle and take on."

The developer, also responsible for Scarface: The World is Yours and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, has toned down ragdoll physics on dead bodies, levels of blood and dismemberment, and has said the producer currently has a "very long list" of changes and tweaks.

Despite the extra work, Radical hopes to ship the edited title in Germany and Australia at the same time as the other versions of the game worldwide.

"We've not confirmed simultaneous shipping with low violence but that's the intention for us," revealed Hansell.

Asked whether having to make changes to a game that was conceived for a mature audience was frustrating, Hansell admitted "it's not ideal".

"We set out to make this game a mature-rated game like any mature movie, people who buy this will be over 18. That's the area we're playing with.

"But obviously it's a challenge that we all face and we have to respect this and make the best possible game we can within those restrictions. But yes, in a perfect world we'd have complete freedom. Maybe one day things might change," he added.

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