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Net-Z, Rendez-Vous and Spark! get support for iPhone, Wii and Games for Windows Live.

Montreal, Canada (March 25th, 2009) Quazal, makers of the award-winning Net-Z, Rendez-Vous and Spark! online multiplayer middleware today announced that they have made available a highly-anticipated new release of their core networking technologies.

With the 2009.3 release of Net-Z, Rendez-Vous and Spark!, several benefits are made available to developers. Primarily, 2009.3 (also known as R18) adds in support for iPhone, Wii, as well Games For Windows Live platforms.

Secondly, with R18, management of development servers has become significantly easier. Quazal has brought all of their sandbox management and lobby management tools to a new web interface, meaning fewer hurdles to overcome in managing development sandboxes.

The final major feature of the new release is the announcement of a Content Sharing service from Quazal. This new service will allow developers and publishers to have easier access to features such as user-created content sharing, video sharing, or other game-specific community content features. Quazal provides the API to download, upload and search content, as well as the hosting and bandwidth for sending that content out to users.

The iPhone and iPod Touch App Store has seen an explosion in the number of games developed since its launch, says Sylvain Beaudry, Quazals President and CEO. By making our technologies and services available to developers on this platform, we can allow them to really take the next step in mobile online gameplay and community features, including use of geographic information, mobile uploads and more.

More and more developers have been approaching us about extending their online communities with content sharing and upload solutions, added Mike Drummelsmith, Director of Business Relations at Quazal. With the new features and services weve made available in this release, as well as the new platforms were now covering, developers and publishers really have a single solution that they can use to deploy innovative online and community features to their users across the widest variety of platforms.

Interested parties can contact Quazal for more information at, or can schedule a meeting at the Game Developers Conference via the same address.

About Quazal

Quazal is the leading supplier of multiplayer middleware solutions for the entertainment industry. World-class publishers such as EA, Atari, Capcom, Eidos, Midway, Codemasters, THQ and Ubisoft are joining the ranks of dozens of studios and independent developers that use Quazal's products to propel todays most successful multiplayer games. In 2000, Quazal revolutionized network programming by rendering obsolete the traditional packet/socket paradigm. Since then, Quazals offering now encompasses in-game network engines, hosted game lobbies and technical services. Quazal's products are currently available for "PlayStation2", "PSP"(PlayStationPortable), "PLAYSTATION3", Wii, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone. For more information and demonstrations, visit

*Quazal Net-Z, Quazal Rendez-Vous and Quazal Spark! are trademarks of Quazal Technologies, Inc.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Information:

Mike Drummelsmith

Developer Relations Manager

Quazal Technologies, Inc.

(514) 395-4646 x.235

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