PS3 price cut unlikely this year

Analysts say the company has moved away from fighting for market share to focus on profitability

Sony's focus on profitability means a PlayStation 3 price cut is unlikely to happen this year, according to analysts Lazard Capital Markets.

In its recently released end of financial year results, Sony revealed a focus on achieving profitability in its PlayStation brand and rolling out online services, such as PlayStation Home.

As the company's priority in chasing unit market share against rivals Microsoft and Nintendo is lower, a price cut for the PS3 this year is unlikely, said the analyst.

"Console market share appears to be less of a priority; price cut less likely," explained Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets.

"On its earnings call, Sony management indicated the company is now more focused on achieving profitability in the PlayStation segment... Importantly, management comments also suggest that a price cut is less likely on the PS3 this year, at least in the near term."

Sony recently announced it expects to ship ten million PS3 units worldwide this year, an 8 per cent increase year over year.

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Franck Sauer Creative / Tech Art Director, Fresh3d9 years ago
Hence the very conservative figure for 2008. However I would be very surprised if they didn't cut the price for the winter season provided they recoup their manufacturing costs this summer. They could very well earn enough money during fall to acheive profitability yet afford a cut for xmas. We'll see.
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