PS3 Home has a "huge barrier to entry" for advertisers

Virtual world is too expensive and labour-intensive claims ad exec

Sony's PlayStation 3 virtual space Home has failed to entice advertisers, with alleged six-figure deals making the barrier to entry too high.

That's according to a report by Brand Week, which claims advertisers have abandoned a platform that has failed to gain any momentum since launch in December 2008.

"From moment one, it kind of felt clunky," said John Rafferty, creative director at Denuo. "And once you got through that, there wasn’t much there."

Sony's sales team has gone quiet, according to Rafferty, who said that deals are labour-intensive and too expensive. "There’s just a huge barrier to entry for advertisers," he added.

Other advertisers are more interested in the PlayStation Network than Home, although Dario Raciti, director of Ignition Factory, said that Sony's Home service is beginning to improve and challenge Microsoft's Xbox Live.

"Sony is a little more conservative in embracing their system as an ad platform. They just have less people [than Microsoft]. I think they are starting to go down the path of being more competitive with Xbox Live."

Sony's Jack Buser defended the service, saying it has proven effective with a number of advertisers so far.

"PlayStation Home offers partners a chance to cut through the noise and actively engage directly with a large, targeted, and highly desirable consumer base. Over 30 partners have recognised PlayStation Home as an interactive platform to convey an immersive brand experience."

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Simon Smith Business Development Manager, Head First Communications9 years ago
There's always deals to be done. I think its a great platform and we're working with advertisers to come up with stuff right now. It would be nice if SCE were a bit more open to allowing stuff on there, but there are obvious quality control issues.
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James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester9 years ago
Clunky sums up the entire experience perfectly to be honest, from Home itself and running all the way through PSN in general. The whole system needs a good shakeup but more importantly a sense of direction and focus. At times trawling through the store feels margainly less fun than having teeth extracted.
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Otakar Schon Technology editor, Economia9 years ago
Home tried to be second Second life and failed... Sony just threw money out of the window instead of improving core PSN functionality... But to be honest I dont see that much big difference between PSN and Xbox Live for my gaming experience except the pricetag on Xbox Live
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Sony has always been very unorganized on the PSN side. In some cases it just comes down to the difference between software companies and hardware companies. Sony needs to seriously invest in better software development (Tools, Ease of use, etc...) if they want to get things to the point where it's not a pain in the butt to do what other platforms allow (XBL).
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Jordan Newman Designer / 3D modeller 9 years ago
I like the idea of a place to "hook up" with fellow gamers for building teams etc.. For a player who is interested in finding friends to play a particular game, Home is nearly worthless. I was much better off just playing the intended game. MAG (
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Richard Willis Digital Marketing Manager, SEGA Europe9 years ago
To date, Home has been embraced by Sony themselves and innovative indies such as nDreams and veemee. Home presents a challenge to large scale publisher thinking and the level of engagement feels symptomatic of it's beta status. Home represents a unique and compelling propostion to connect with gamers on their chosen gameplay platform. Home rewards bravery and innovation as shown by the smaller nimble players in this space.
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uhh Richard? "bravery and innovation" You sound like you work for SCEA PR and not Sega... No offense but why the marketing talk? Only development community can read these comments, and marketing speak has no effect on developers...
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Jason Avent Studio Head / Creative Director, TT Games Publishing9 years ago
Don't get me wrong here, I love my PS3. It has given me Uncharted 2, Pixel Junk and Demon's Souls. I'm very happy with it indeed. That said, Home is famously rubbish. It's become synonymous with badness. It's like a poor man's second life which is a bit like a poor man's tripe dinner because second life is a sub-standard cyberspace for deviants and people who can't play videogames. : )
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