PS2 officially hits Brazil

But impact on high-piracy market could be slight with console costing over $460

Brazil, an emerging market for the videogames industry, has finally seen the official launch of Sony's PlayStation 2 in the country.

However, with a price point of BRL 799 (USD 462) it's not clear quite how much impact the console will be able to have on a market that's considered to have a high threat from piracy.

It's expected that games will cost BRL 119 (USD 69) for new releases and BRL 99 (USD 57) for catalogue titles, with 14 games available at launch - including Gran Turismo 4 and God of War II.

"Brazil is home to a large community of gaming enthusiasts, making the country an ideal opportunity for SCEA to introduce the PlayStation experience to a new legion of fans," read a company statement.

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Eduardo Hulshof Senior Scripter, Lionhead Studios12 years ago
Unfortunately Brazil protectionism towards entertainment electronics makes the Import taxes unbelievably high. Thus the absurd price of the console in a country that has only a US$ 8.020,00 average per capita income, which means that the average Brazilian needs most of his monthly wage to be able to buy a PS2.
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