PC platform is the best for casual games, says Ubisoft's lead designer

The PC will have to evolve faster than consoles and is best suited to casual games, according to Emeric Thoa

Emeric Thoa, Ubisoft's lead games designer, has said he believes that the PC is the best platform for casual games titles.

Speaking to about the adaptation of the RTS genre to work on consoles for Ubisoft's upcoming title EndWar, Thoa revealed his thoughts on the PC as a gaming plaftom.

"It will probably have to evolve even faster than consoles," he said. "For me, PC is the best platform for casual games, better than the DS or the Wii. The web is an unmatched tool for gaming, and browsing with a mouse has not yet been matched by any other device in terms of comfort.

"I generally prefer console gaming because I can be slumped on my sofa instead of feeling like I'm at work behind my computer," Thoa added.

The full interview with Emeric Thoa is now avaliable.

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