PC Gaming Alliance adds new members

Razer joins the Board, while Logitech, Corsair and Arxan all sign up

The PC Gaming Alliance has announced a raft of new members, and added board of directors representation in the form of peripherals company Razer.

Logitech, Corsair and Arxan are the other businesses to sign up in a bid to show their support for their primary platform - the PC.

"These members bring a wealth of experience and a rich diversity of products and services to the PCGA that will significantly enhance our existing membership base," said Randy Stude, PCGA president. "By joining our rapidly growing organization, they are demonstrating their support for expanding the PC Gaming industry and their commitment to improving the PC gaming experience."

And Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, added: "We're honored to be elected to the PC Gaming Alliance Board of Directors. There is so much synergy between Razer's core DNA - an essence of pure commitment to improving the PC gaming experience with state-of-the-art peripherals - and this organization's drive to establish high standards and quality guidelines for the evolving industry at large.

"Both Razer and the PC Gaming Alliance are dedicated to addressing the needs of a maturing category and its largely sophisticated audience."

The PC Gaming Alliance was set up to promote the growth of the PC as a gaming platform, particularly in the wake of the increasing popularity of living room consoles.

However, despite many people predicting the death of the PC over the years, it remains a cornerstone of the industry, and according to the PCGA was responsible for $13.1 billion in game software revenues in 2009.

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Barla Von Designer 7 years ago
The PC Gaming Alliance as a group are a complete and utter waste of everyones time. They have done nothing significant for the platform.

If anything, the PC platform needs a presence at shows like E3, every year, with AMD/ATI, Intel, Nvidia, Valve, etc, all doing their bit.

Also, the worlds media attend the show, so it could be great exposure for the PC platform.

The PC Gaming Alliance are going to change absolutely fuck all regarding the PC platform.
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