Official: Kinect priced at 130, new 4GB Xbox 150

High price for motion controller - but bundle with both is 250, including Kinect Adventures

Microsoft has finally revealed recommended retail pricing for its Kinect motion controller, following weeks of speculation.

Fears that the camera and microphone sensor array would cost over £100 have been confirmed, with Microsoft setting the device at £129.99 (€149.99 / $149.99). The add-on will also include a copy of Kinect Adventures.

Also unveiled is the much-rumoured cheaper model of the new Xbox 360 S. The £149.99 (€199.99 / $199.99) console will include 4GB of built-in flash memory instead of a hard drive, and will sport a matte finish rather than the glossy shell of its bigger brother.

Onboard wi-fi remains, and the console is officially known as the Xbox 360 4GB. It will be available at retail from August 20 in the UK and August 3 in the US.

A bundle containing Kinect, the Xbox 360 4GB and Kinect Adventures will be released in tandem with the seperate Kinect launch this winter. The package will sell for £249.99 ($299.99).

"Kinect for Xbox 360 offers tremendous entertainment value, transforming our living rooms into fitness classes, dance clubs and sports stadiums through full body, voice and multiplayer games," said Chris Lewis, Microsoft Europe's vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business.

"Whether you’re new to Xbox 360 or an existing console owner, we’re committed to offering Kinect experiences that offer controller-free fun and entertainment right out of the box and these unique products and retail offers provide the most complete and affordable way for everyone to enjoy Kinect this Christmas."

Microsoft has also revealed that Kinect titles will retail for less than core Xbox 360 games.

The launch line-up of 15 games, including Kinectimals, Kinect Sport and Kinect Joy Ride, will carry a RRP of £39.99 (€49.99) per unit - suggesting that, despite the hardware's high price, the company is set on pursuing a more casual audience.

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Latest comments (14)

Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 11 years ago
Well that's a shame. This is going to be a comparable price to the 3DS which is worrying. As everyone is likely to say, I think MS will have big problems selling a peripheral at that price point. And Kinectimals is the free game!

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That price has put them out of the market they are targeting I'm afraid. I'll still get one of course, but that's only because I already have an Xbox 360. Anyone that doesn't have both won't shell out 300 + to get a system and Kinect. Bad move MS.
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Sam Maxted Journalist / Community / Support 11 years ago
That's just far too expensive. MS would've been better off keeping quiet about the technology, then releasing it a couple of years down the line when it should be cheaper to do so. As it stands, I can't see it selling in any great numbers, at least to people who already own a 360.

@Quincy - I think if there's a reduced price bundle available, it may sell more to people buying a 360 for the first time. Or it might prompt people to get one. It's existing users that I can't see shelling out for it, to be honest.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Sam Maxted on 20th July 2010 5:55pm

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Dwain Hill11 years ago
bad times :/ Existing 360 owners (like me) will need some really compelling games in order to shell out that much. REALLY compelling. New owners will be happy enough with the reduced bundle prices tho
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David Spender Lead Programmer 11 years ago
From what I can see, the Kinect requires such a high percentage (15% I've read?) of total overall system resources in order to just run, you won't see it being used in conjunction with any AAA titles. This relegates it to being used for simple XBLA type games which is basically what we are seeing among the launch titles. This being the case, the pricing should have definitely been a lot lower to target that market more successfully.
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Stuart Mitchell Studying Games designer, Train2Game11 years ago
lets face it they did wrong releasing both in the same year, and they releasing the price to the public tomoz so it might change. i dont really see any 'hardcore' gamers get it right away till they have some real game on it but for the family it will sell okish. just hope it dont crash and burn
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Josef Brett Animator 11 years ago
@ Patrick - I'd like to think you're right about the 3DS, but I don't think it will be that cheap. Nintendo have already said that they will sell it at profit from launch and the components involved will make this more expensive than a DSi etc.

@ David - 10-15% doesn't mean that this will stop AAA titles being developed. There are always ways to squeeze performance out of the remaining power.

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Ben Furneaux Principal Designer 11 years ago
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Private Industry 11 years ago
So on one side you have the casual market that`s probably not willing to pay 150 bucks for it and on the other side you have the core market and for them there are no games. Not the best move by MS.

Also I think the Move games are priced 10$ below the kinect games, it`s like MS didn`t look at all at the Sony pricing. Couldn`t they do a 99$ Kinect version that comes without the game. I understand why they did not announce any pricing at the E3.

I guess that 4GB version can not be upgraded with a HDD? Also how much of those 4GB remain left for the user? I remember my old 20GB was from the start only 17GB or something like that because system data and so on took away a good chunk.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Private on 20th July 2010 11:53pm

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
As I suspected, will be saving my money for the 3DS!
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Peter Law11 years ago
@Werner - Taken from the EG article about this..

The 4GB is internal flash memory, and the console has a black matte finish. Otherwise it's exactly the same as the "whisper quiet" Xbox 360 250GB, and includes built in Wi-Fi, the smaller design, and a hard drive bay.

So looks like people can add a hard drive themselves at a later date.
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Iain Lowson Writer 11 years ago
I find myself utterly baffled by MS and Kinect. It's an interesting bit of kit, but I really can't see how MS can market it at that price to either casual or hardcore audiences. The former are going to baulk at the bundle cost and the 'complexity' (vs the Wii). The latter are already hugely suspicious of the hardware capabilities (with more time being spent online discussing its rumoured limitations) and the software (expectations of Wii-like shovelware and unappealing casual games). It's going to be an interesting few months of PR frenzy.
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Alan Pierce Programmer, Digital Delight11 years ago
Microsoft and their still comparisons to the other platform controllers. The difference being, a physical controller offers far greater controls. For me, Kintect is a complete step backwards, and I certainly wont be buying one at this price.

@Peter. But sadly no plans to release the hard drive separately.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Alan Pierce on 21st July 2010 1:28pm

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Josef Brett Animator 11 years ago
@Alan - I'm assuming you can still use Flash memory sticks for extra storage though? And with more USB slots it could add up to decent (if not ideal) amount of storage.

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