Nvidia now Wii third party tools provider

PhysX SDK now available to the console's registered developers

Nvidia has been approved as a third party tools provider for the Nintendo Wii, with the PhysX SDK now available to the console's registered developers.

"Nintendo has reshaped the home entertainment and videogame market with the success of the Wii console," said Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at Nvidia.

"Adding a PhysX SDK for the Wii is key to our cross-platform strategy and integral to the business model for our licensed game developers and publishers."

Tamasi concluded: "With Nvidia PhysX technology, developers can easily author more realistic game environments for the evolving demands of a broad class of Wii gamers."

Nvidia's cross platform physics engine has been used in titles such as Gears of War, Mass Effect and the PC version of Mirror's Edge.

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
It was only last week the same announcement was made for the PS3.

Odd that nVidia is a partner vendor of the PS3 providing the GPU that it would take this long to provide the SDK directly available to it and odder still that the Wii - with an ATi developed GPU - would be granted direct access to the nVidia owned Physx SDK.

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