NPD: PlayStation 3 hits tenth month of consecutive growth

Supply issues in the US beginning to improve, says SCEA

Sony's PlayStation 3 enjoyed its tenth month of consecutive growth in May, according to US data from Sony.

Hardware sales were up 18 per cent compared to last May and revenues up 58 per cent, with Patrick Seybold, corporate communications boss, stating that inventory is beginning to improve after a number of months with supply issues.

"We are now beginning to experience greater availability of product and are looking forward to this fallís most anticipated launch, PlayStation Move," he said in a statement.

Although sales continue to improve for Sony, overall revenues for all three home consoles were down 20 per cent in the US during May compared to last year due to lower prices on hardware.

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Josef Brett Animator 9 years ago
It's going to be interesting to see what the figures are like for the next couple of months. I'm guessing they might be slightly down percentage wise. It's good to see what kind of impact the slim has had on sales though.
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Slightly misleading title IMO - given that PS3 sales are down considerably on last month (etc). Lets see how the sales compare 12 months on from the slim/price cut.
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