No immediate plans to delist Xbox Live Arcade titles - Schappert

XBLA cull put on hold says Microsoft's online and services boss

Microsoft's Xbox 360 online and services boss John Schappert has said that the company has no immediate plans to delist underperforming games on Xbox Live.

Earlier this year, Microsoft said that the company would pull games from the service which failed to meet a number of criteria, based on Metacritic ratings, time on the service and conversion rates from demos.

However, Schappert has said that such plans are now on hold, telling IGN that, "we have no immediate plans to act on de-listing," and that the company has simply "set parameters by which we can delist".

Originally the cull was to begin after the summer, although no specific number or titles were detailed.

The Xbox Live service has been criticised for a glut of low quality games and poor interface design making it difficult for users to find content.

However, the New Xbox Experience, set to go live November 19, is designed to improve ease of use, as well as add many more features to the service which currently boasts 14 million members.

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