Nintendo working on video services

Wii to act as download hub with the DS as a portable player

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined plans for the company to embrace video download services, following somewhat in the footsteps of Microsoft and Sony, but with plans to do "something different."

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Iwata outlined a set-up that would see the Wii used as a download hub, with video content then made portable via the DS handheld.

"If the Wii and the DS are connected, it should be possible to download video through the Wii and take it with you on the DS," said Iwata. "When the service begins, you'll see how we're going to do it differently in a Nintendo-like way. There are a lot of on-demand video services, so there’s no reason to do the same thing, so we’re going to do something different."

He didn't go into any details about planned content solutions, pricing, or even a timescale on rolling out the service, but did suggest that the company would - as usual - trial the system in Japan first before considering the best options for North America and Europe.

Meanwhile Sony and Microsoft have both committed strongly to video content, with the companies offering a variety of downloadable or streaming content to users.

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This links into the "rumours" a while back that Nintendo was going to fund and produce their own TV content - enough for an entire channel.

How much TV content does $1nb buy you? How much can you make back from advertising?
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