Nintendo has "incredible" hardware track record

Developers positive on 3DS; hopes of compatibility with DSiWare/DS models

Developers have reacted positively to news of Nintendo's new 3D-capable DS console, predicting that 3D will give it the edge over smartphones as a gaming device, and give gamers a reason to buy new hardware.

They have also pointed to Nintendo's track record with hardware, saying that there is no reason to underestimate what it can deliver, providing it gets the price point right.

"If it were any other company I would be sceptical of what is being promised, but Nintendo has an incredible track record when it comes to hardware and I would never underestimate them," Blue Fang COO Scott Triola told

Blue Fang has created games for DS and iPhone, including DS title World of Zoo published by THQ at the end of last year.

"I have not been convinced by the overall consumer electronics push for 3D televisions, but I am excited about the prospect of Nintendo delivering 3D without the need for glasses," added Triola.

"As always, price point will be important as I don't think the general consumer will be willing to pay a large premium if the main benefit is the 3D image."

However, he said that one concern for developers would be compatibility with older DS models.

"As a developer, I would hope that games developed for the 3DS would also work on the existing DS platforms - albeit in 2D. Having to develop (and distribute) a separate product specifically for the 3DS would be a big drawback, at least initially."

Paul Gouge, CEO of Ideas Pad - a studio which recently released DS game Puzzler World - expressed some caution too, pointing out that 3D will only be relevant for certain game experiences.

"It's important to remember that 3D will only work for certain types of game and only certain demographics will be interested in this," he said, adding that the studio's first impressions was still wholly positive.

"As a dedicated handheld gaming device distinct from the iPhone/Smartphones it is important for Nintendo to innovate to give gamers a reason to buy new hardware and in doing so this clearly opens the door for new 3D gaming possibilities.

"We are equally interested to hear about the other features the device will incorporate, such as dual touch screens, accelerometers, 3G connectivity etcetera. It will also be fascinating to learn more about how Nintendo expect to evolve the digital distribution environment and publishing model in light of the success of the App Store," he added.

Powerhead Games - the New York-based developer of DSiWare game Glow Artisan - expressed a similar hope that Nintendo will use the release of the 3DS to evolve its digital services.

"Adding 3D to the world's most popular handheld gaming system sounds like a recipe for success to us," said the studio's founder Jason Schreiber.

"Also, hopefully Nintendo will let DSi owners migrate their DSiWare games to the 3DS as part of a more integrated shop experience. We're looking forward to more announcements and hands-on time for all at E3."

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Jack Loftus Contributing Editor, Gizmodo9 years ago
Thank the maker for the Internet's short attention span, huh? I think the second part of the quote got cut off:

"Nintendo has 'incredible' hardware track record," developers said today, "but, um, could we just forget about all the nasty stuff we said about them for the past four years? Thanks!"

I kid, I kid...but not really.
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Tony Johns9 years ago
3D? But that is just so 1996...

Also the normal DS has handled low res 3D polygons like Super Mario 64 DS, or is this going to be a much more higher 3D resolution DS handheld that can handle higher res 3D more than the PSP?

Also, will the 3DS going to save our games at any time during the game?
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Simon Small Studying Bachelor of Multimedia (Games and Interactivity) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering), Swinburne University of Technology9 years ago
Tony, I think you've misunderstood. This is not merely 3D like nearly every game of the past 15 years is 3D. This is 3D like 3D movies (latest popular one being Avatar) are 3D.
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Gonzalo Figueroa Game Designer, CNG Studios9 years ago
I agree with Simon, Tony, in this article they really mean that the image will be 3D (you will have 3 real axis). It's definetly a remarkable breakthrough that you would not require the 3D glasses in order to see it in 3D. The new trend is actually evolving to 3D (tv's and consoles) which kind of make sense because we live in a 3D world.
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