NHN USA offers pre-paid game cards through 7-Eleven stores

Roll-out of $25 cards begins for games portal

7-Eleven stores in the US are offering pre-paid games cards for the six-million strong games portal.

Priced at USD 10 and USD 25, users can purchase the cards to enhance free-to-play titles on through microtransactions.

"A number of online gamers who don’t have credit cards want to enhance their free gaming experiences with our optional micro-currency, or they want to give pre-paid game cards to a friend or family member as a nice gift," said Sunny Kim, vice president of NHN USA.

NHN USA is the North American subsidiary of Korea's NHN Games, and offers a number of free-to-play titles including Gunz: The Duel, Soldier Front, Gunbound Revolution and Drift City.

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By Phil Elliott

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