New Super Mario Bros Wii to shift 15m units in lifetime

Title will be biggest seller this year, eclipsing Modern Warfare 2 - EEDAR

Nintendo's forthcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be the biggest selling game of 2009, and is likely to shift over 15 million units during its lifetime.

That's the prediction of Jesse Divnich at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, who believes the family game can outsell the Xbox 360 version of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by the end of the year.

He anticipates Nintendo sold 635,000 Wii consoles during October after being outsold by the PlayStation 3 the previous month, with DS sales at 400,000 units.

"EEDAR expects Nintendo to hold onto its console supremacy in November and December," added Divnich.

EEDAR also expects that the PlayStation 3 will be the only console to show gains in October compared to the prior year, with sales up over 68 per cent to 320,000 units. The Xbox 360 could be down by just under 25 per cent with 280,000 units sold.

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Jason Avent Studio Head / Creative Director, TT Games Publishing12 years ago
"Activision has revealed that Modern Warfare 2 made USD 310 million on its first day on sale - in the US and UK markets alone.

The company added that it believed 4.7 million units were sold in the two countries as thousands of stores there opened at midnight, while in the UK a number of supermarket stores sold out as frenzied discounting reduced the price point from GBP 44.99 to nearer GBP 25."

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