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New Super Mario Bros Wii sells 10 million

Worldwide sales top those of Mario Galaxy after 8 weeks on sale

Worldwide sales of New Super Mario Bros Wii have now topped 10 million units, according to the latest figures.

Nikkei Net (translated by Kotaku) says the game sold over 10 million in eight weeks, with over 3 million copies sold in Japan, 4.5 million in the US and 3 million in Europe.

The numbers put it way ahead of Mario Galaxy's total sales to date - as of March last year the Wii title had sold just over 8 million.

Upon its release in Japan, New Super Mario Bros immediately became the fastest-selling Wii game to date in the country with over just over 930,000 units sold in the first week.

It has been awarded ELSPA's Double Platinum sales award indicating sales of over 600,000 in the UK.

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Latest comments (2)

Robert Douglas Studying B.A in Game Art and Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh11 years ago
So what is the current NPD data for COD: MW2 vs New Super Mario Bros now that we are close to the end of January? Is Reggie at all close?
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Simon Small Studying Bachelor of Multimedia (Games and Interactivity) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering), Swinburne University of Technology11 years ago
Reggie has easily reached his target of outselling MW2 on one platform by the end of January. US sales of NSMBWii have surpassed US sales of the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2 by almost two million.
However, that still leaves it several million behind the 360 version.
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