New GoldenEye team feels pressure to live up to original

Developers "would kill to be in our position," says producer

Eurocom, the developer behind the remake of N64 classic GoldenEye, has said that it feels tremendous pressure to deliver a game that lives up to the iconic original from Rare.

The Wii exclusive was officially revealed today as part of Nintendo's E3 conference, and will be a reimaging of the game based on the movie from 1997.

Asked whether the development team feels pressure to create a game that lives up to the brand's heritage, Dawn Pinkney, producer on the project, said "Totally. We can't let the gaming public down.

"You only get one shot to remake GoldenEye. Everybody would kill to be on our position so we take it very seriously," she added.

The title is mixing the old with the new - Daniel Craig is lending his voice and likeness to Bond rather than Pierce Brosnan - and some of the maps credited with proving that first-person shooters could work on a home console, will also be remade.

"It's a modern day Bond and that updates the game, it's got that grittiness to it," said Pinkney. "We've got Statue Park, we've got the tank chase. But we've also updated the game as well. So the Antenna Cradle was originally in Cuba but we've moved it to South Africa in a solar park. We've made it a bit more modern."

Pinkney also confirmed GoldenEye 007 will be released in November.

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Latest comments (6)

Antony Cain Lecturer, Teesside University12 years ago

If it's not Pierce, it's not GoldenEye! Daniel Craig is too gritty - all well and good for the new films but GoldenEye is classic Bond
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Jamie Grant Japanese Translation & Localisation Professional 12 years ago
They should feel the pressure! I loved the original and have big expectations for the next one.
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam12 years ago
I agree with Antony, it's just plain weird seeing Daniel Craig in GoldenEye. And why did they feel the need to move part of the story to a different continent and throw in some solar panels? To be fair, I'm sure after 13 years the game needed some updating, but I'd have expected it was the gameplay and graphics more than the story that would have required an overhaul...
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 12 years ago
I'm also with Antony on this, it's just strange...

Why did they feel they need to do that? For a company that makes so many movie tie in games I expected better judgement. I remain a sceptic for now even though the original was unquestionably legendary.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University12 years ago
I do not know how well this will do on the wii...

I think they are just using the name and plot to make some fast cash from people who love the 1st game.
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Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson Course Co-ordinator, National Film & TV School, Nescot College12 years ago
Just reminds me that Eurocom did James Bond 007: Nightfire...
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