New Dr Who game to feature in Develop triple keynote presentation

Revolution Software, Sumo Digital and BBC Vision to present session on new game

The upcoming Dr Who: The Adventure Game is to form the focus of this year's Develop in Brighton production keynote, with a triple presentation from those involved with its development.

During the keynote entitled "Whodunnit: Bringing Dr Who to a PC near you", Charles Cecil, founder of Revolution Software, and Sean Millard of Sumo Digital will speak alongside BBC Vision's Simon Nelson about the creative and organisational challenges associated with making the game.

The cross-media title will consist of four free episodic downloads and the three teams behind it claim it is one of the most ambitious development projects in the UK today.

Millard will talk about what Sumo, as a developer, has learned from TV production, while Nelson will explore the BBC's latest foray into games, and Cecil will discuss how he turned the BBC series' stories into game narrative.

The Develop Conference takes place this year from July 13-15.

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 11 years ago
I probably won't even play this as I have a very dated PC and never play games on it, but I would really like this venture to be a success for all involved - the BBC for making a bold move into the videogames medium, and Sumo and Revolution for being two excellent UK development studios.

I suppose I'm also interested to see where it takes the Doctor Who series, as it is something of a guilty pleasure after all. (The pedant in me would also mention that it is 'Doctor Who' rather than 'Dr Who').
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