NCsoft partners with Double Fusion

Double Fusion will be providing in-game advertising for NCsoft's City of Heroes MMO

Double Fusion has entered an agreement with NCsoft to provide in-game advertising for the publisher's City of Heroes online game.

Real world ads will lend realism to the urban world of City of Heroes, and NCsoft also plans to use Double Fusion's technology to display player-created content within the game.

"Our partnership with NCsoft is a clear showcase for two of our guiding philosophies: bringing value to the player through appropriate use of advertising spaces and bringing new business models to the marketplace by creating new revenue streams that can help fund game development and community support," said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO, Double Fusion.

"We are pleased to work with Double Fusion on City of Heroes, as they have demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of our community and fundamentally understand how advertising can bring value to the players when executed gracefully, and in the appropriate context," said Brian Clayton, GM of NCsoft's Northern California studio.

NCsoft said that it will dedicate all advertising dollars it earns to fund further game development for the online title, yet still allow players to opt out of advertising in order to provide flexibility to community members.

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