Moshi Monsters hits 15 million users

More than 2 million users joining free-to-play title every month and 150,000 per day

Children's free-to-play social online game Moshi Monsters now has more than 15 million registered users, according to data from UK developer Mind Candy.

In December 2009 the total was put at 10 million users, with 1 million joining every month. Now that total has passed 15 million, with more than 2 million new users registering every month

"The ongoing global growth and success of the game has amazed us," said Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy. "Moshi Monsters has been adding over 150K new players a day and is now one of the fastest growing children’s games in the world."

Now just over a year old, the game allows children to adopt their own virtual pet, play mini-games and educational puzzles and customise and explore the in-game world.

Solving a variety of maths, spatial awareness, logic and vocabulary puzzles the players earn in-game currency to purchase accessories for their pets and virtual homes.

To celebrate the 15 million user milestone a special "green carpet" event will be held at the London Aquarium, with invites going out to hundreds of the game's most loyal players.

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Adam Tuckwell Public Relations Manager, Jagex Games Studio7 years ago
Congratulations to the Mind Candy team, it is great to see a fellow UK indie leading the way in online gaming!
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