Microsoft: Third-parties shifting "from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360"

Japanese publishers using Xbox to reach global audiences, says Greenberg

Microsoft's outspoken director of product management, Aaron Greenberg, has stated that Japanese publishers are shifting loyalty from Sony products to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Microsoft announced that Namco Bandai would be releasing Tekken 6 – a series previously associated with the PlayStation – to Xbox 360.

"I think there's been a tremendous shift," he told Major Nelson. "Never before in the eight years that I've been coming to TGS, this shift, frankly, from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360 among third-party publishers.

"We're the platform they're looking to to help bring and grow their franchises around the world," he added.

Tekken is the latest series to move to Xbox and follows the announcement back at E3 that Final Fantasy XIII would get a simultaneous release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"We've come a long way... Square Enix's biggest RPG franchises, Namco Bandai bringing their top titles including Tekken 6. A lot of great arcade titles that the Japanese publishers continue to really recreate for this whole new generation, and we're finally at a price the world can afford," added Greenberg.

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George Williams Senior Community Manager (boxed products), Codemasters13 years ago
It's a good point. The hardcore have really taken to the 360 and with XBOX Live, Microsoft have really tapped into that market.With the price of the PS3 really is out of reach for the masses, people just can't justify paying 300+ for a PS3 against 129 for an XBOX - blu ray or not.

Sony do have their work cut out and it will take something special (Littlebigplanet?)to increase sales.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by George Williams on 11th October 2008 1:56pm

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