Microsoft refuses to rule out pay-to-play for 1 Vs 100

Publisher calls free season 1 of online quiz game a "test"; first live 360 show airs in UK tonight

Microsoft has refused to rule out the introduction of a pay-to-play model in the future for 1 Vs 100, the massively multiplayer online quiz game for Xbox 360 which launched in the UK today.

The game is currently free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers for the duration of the first season, where gamers can compete in scheduled live shows and win real prizes.

"Our beta season is to see the interest in the game and the success of the game," Xbox Live marketing manager Tania Chee told, speaking in London yesterday at an event to mark the game's launch.

"In the beta season 1 it will be free for our Gold subscribers; moving forwards we have nothing to announce at this time. We ultimately hope it will be a resounding success so we can move forward into future seasons."

Asked whether Microsoft was specifically looking at introducing a subscription model, Chee said: "I don't know what's going to happen to be honest. It's a test for us to prove the platform will be a success."

1 Vs 100 is adapted from Endemol's successful TV format, and a live show will run on Xbox Live for the duration of the season every Friday and Saturday from 7:30pm-9:30pm BST. The UK version is hosted by James McCourt, with the first show airing this evening.

Yesterday's UK press launch, where invited journalists took part in a live game, was hosted by broadcaster Pat Sharp and the twins Martina and Melanie Grant, who became famous in the '90s as the faces – and hair - of ITV children's game show Fun House.

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Andy Kelly , 11 years ago
I guess this makes sense if they're giving away real prizes (MS points etc.), but I had a go last night and it didn't seem worth actually paying money to play. It's fun, but no more than an online pub quiz.
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