Microsoft introduces new pricing structure for Indie Games channel

Lowest price point drops from 200 MS points to 80; highest slashed to 400 points

Microsoft has announced that it will introduce new pricing for the Xbox 360's Indie Games channel as of October 22.

Developers will have to choose between three price points - 400, 240 and 80 Microsoft Points, which translate to GBP 3.40/EUR 4.80, GBP 2.04/EUR 2.40 and GBP 0.68/EUR 0.96 respectively. 80-MSP games must be under 50MB.

Previously developers could go for 800, 400 or 200 MSP. Anybody selling a game for 800 at the moment can stick to that unless they choose to update their game after October 22, in which case they will need to pick a new price.

Developers in the current 400 MSP bracket can stay where they are, but those with games selling for 200 MSP will automatically be switched to the 80 MSP bracket.

Other new features for the XNA Game Studio 3.1 update that precede the re-pricing include avatar, party and video playback support, plus a new reputation system and the ability to give away 50 free trial copies - a handy tool for promotion.

Criticism has been directed at Microsoft by indie developers for poor marketing, among other things. However, Microsoft defended the Indie Games channel - previously named the Community Games channel - at Develop this month, arguing it was "poised to break out".

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