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8th July 2021

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Microsoft confirms price drop for Xbox 360 Elite

120GB unit to sell for 199 / EUR 249, Arcade SKU rises in price and Premium 60GB console to be phased out

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 Elite will drop in price to GBP 199.99 in the UK and EUR 249.99 in Europe from tomorrow, August 28.

In addition, the 60GB Premium unit is to be phased out, and the price of the Arcade SKU has actually risen to GBP 159.99 / EUR 199, up from GBP 129.99, although Microsoft has not detailed any reason or possible added value for the hike.

"With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s already time to start looking for entertainment and gifts that everyone will enjoy," said Chris Lewis, vice president Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe.

"We have a goal over the next 18 months to reinvent entertainment in the living room and we want to ensure that we have the right foundations in place for our consumers to make simple informed choices around their entertainment platform. 

"We know that price is a critical influencing factor in consumer choice, but we also know that consumers across Europe are looking for value, benefit and entertainment experiences, so we need to address all these points to continue to grow and be successful in Europe."

The Xbox 360 Elite will no longer ship with a bundled HDMI cable, and in the US the Elite model will retail for USD 299. The Arcade will not see a price rise in North America, remaining at the USD 199 price point

Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry

8th July 2021

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Sebastian Cardoso Project Manager, Crytek11 years ago
The Xbox 360 Elite is currently 290 in Germany. By dropping the price to 250, customers save up to 40. But by failing to include the HDMI cable and with a decent HDMI cable going for about 20, this whole thing just means an effective price drop of 20.

Errm ... yeah, awesome.
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