Manhunt 2 won't appear on Sony platforms, confirms SCEA spokesperson has received confirmation from Sony that Manhunt 2 won't be appearing on the PSP or PS2 in the US following the ESRB's decision to give the game an AO rating.

Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that Manhunt 2 will not be appearing on consoles in the US following the ESRB's decision to give the game an Adults Only rating.

As reported by GameSpot, both platform holders have corporate policies which forbid the release of AO-rated games for their systems.

A Sony spokesperson has since confirmed to that Take-Two will not be allowed to publish Manhunt 2 for PSP or PS2.

Nintendo's official comment is as follows: "As stated on, Nintendo does not allow any AO-rated content on its systems."

In addition, major US retailers such as Wal-Mart have a policy of not selling AO-rated games.

Take-Two's only options now are to appeal the rating with the ESRB or to rework the game and resubmit it for a new rating. The publisher has yet to release a statement regarding the final decision.

Manhunt 2 was originally scheduled for a July 10 release. As reported earlier, it has been banned by ratings authorities in the UK and Ireland.

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