MadWorld director leaves Platinum Games

Shigenori Nishikawa leaves Bayonetta developer to join Shini Mikami's Tango

Shigenori Nishikawa, the director of Wii exclusive MadWorld, is to leave publisher Platinum Games in favour of Shinji Mikami's new Tango studio.

The news was reported on Platinum Games' own website, referencing a Twitter post from Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya.

Platinum Games was founded in 2006 by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, Okami producer Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya, after the closure of Capcom's Clover Studio.

Nishikawa is less well known than the developer's three founding fathers but worked on the latter two Dino Crisis games, as well as the GameCube remake of Resident Evil and Mikami's critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4.

Although still working on new game Vanquish for Platinum Games, Mikami founded Tango in March. The small developer already counts Grasshopper Manufacture sound director Masashi Takada and Okami art director Naoki Katakai amongst its staff.

Mikami has hinted that the company's first game will be a survival horror game using unspecified new 3D technology.

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Claudio Hp Lins8 years ago
Sounds cool! I need see something new from Mikami as soon as possible.
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Ade Gbenjo Freelance Games Journalist 8 years ago
Platinum Games really threw it out there and finally made a splash with BAyonetta, so it's a shame such talent is leaving. However it's not going to waste. I'm hoping interms of creativity, Tango will be a unique as Platnum games.
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