Kuju gets new CTO and board member

Internal promotion as Kuju consolidates after Manila studio closure

Studio group Kuju Entertainment has announced the promotion of Adrian Hawkins to the company's board of executive directors, as he takes up the new role of chief technical officer (CTO).

Hawkins was previously a technical director at Kuju, but will now also be responsible for production and delivery for all the output from the firms' various studios, including Headstrong Games, doublesix and Zoë Mode in the UK and Zoë Mode San Francisco.

Until recently the company also operated a studio in Manila, after acquiring Matahari Studios in October 2008. The studio was meant to act as a base for Kuju's overseas network and to provide development assistance to the company's US studio.

However, the studio was closed last month with Kuju blaming a "weakness of demand" in the market following the release of Wii title Circus Games. The company intends to build a new co-operative art resource in the "Asia-Pacific region", but outside of the Philippines.

"We are pleased to welcome Adrian to the board. He has worked for the company for many years and has a significant depth of experience in both product development and technology," said Kuju CEO Ian Baverstock

"He has an excellent ability to manage development risk and will help to ensure the quality and timely delivery of our products in 2010 and beyond."

"I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity; in particular the flexibility it gives me to share good practice around our studios, build skills amongst our employees and further improve our current reputation for reliable, high quality delivery," added Hawkins.

"I also relish the chance to have a greater strategic role at Kuju in what are very interesting times for our industry."

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Neil Soane International Business Development Manager, Quantic lab12 years ago
Many congratulations to Adrian, well deserved and a nice guy on top. I hate him! :)
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David Millard Founder / Consultant, Wonder Arcade12 years ago
Excellent news Adrian, it's about time!
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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games12 years ago
Congratulations Adrian
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Richard Fornara Senior 3D Modeller 12 years ago
Sad to hear the closure of the Manila studio but many congratulations Adrian. Good on ya mate. :)
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