Koch closes Deep Silver Vienna studio

Cursed Mountain dev, formerly Rockstar Vienna, shut down

Koch Media has closed its Deep Silver Vienna studio, a studio that was formed in 2006 from former Rockstar Vienna employees.

Since its conception, which begun under the name Games That Matter, the studio was acquired by Koch and released its first and only game, Cursed Mountain on Wii, in conjunction with Austrian developer Sproing Interactive last year.

Speaking to site, a Koch spokesperson said "this decision is not easy for us." Given the current economic situation it has become necessary to further optimise processes - a consequence of which has been redundancies, they added.

The studio was originally set up by former Rockstar Vienna managers Hannes Seifert and Niki Laber, who planned to concentrate efforts on developing full priced titles for consoles.

According to reports, Laber left the studio in mid-December and Seifert will take up a position as creative director at Square Enix in mid-February.

The closure affects approximately 20 developers that had been employed by the studio, some of which may be found new positions within its Munich headquarters, said the company.

Koch said that development of Ride To Hell, which was being worked on by the studio alongside UK studio Eutechnyx, will be shifted to a team based in Munich.

An official statement from Koch is expected later today.

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Private Industry 10 years ago
Should be noted that this is not the first time that that happens with a company from Seifert and Laber, before they had Neo that was closed down new company created as Rockstar Vienna that got closed down and then Games That Matters created and re branded to Deep Silver Vienna later and now that closed down. Looks they are a bit unlucky, sorry for the employees, especially since Austria is not very strong when it comes to Game Development we don`t have many companies left there.

Hope the people find something new.

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