Kinect confirmed for November 4 US release

More than 15 launch titles set for motion-based Xbox 360 add-on

Microsoft has confirmed that its forthcoming Kinect motion-based camera technology for the Xbox 360 platform will be launched in November, starting with the US market on November 4.

At least 15 titles will be available at launch, including a range of core and family-friendly titles.

This is just the beginning," said Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer, introducing the Star Wars title first revealed yesterday, followed by a live demo of Forza 3 running in a Kinect-compatible, controller-free mode.

Harmonix' Alex Rigopolous had previously unveiled its latest music-based title - a Kinect-exclusive game called Dance Central, while Ubisoft's Your Shape demonstrated the various fitness techniques available for Microsoft's device.

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Latest comments (17)

Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 9 years ago
I'm going to take the lack of price being mentioned to mean that it is going to be unacceptably high.
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James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester9 years ago
Yep sadly that seems to be the case Patrick. Without wishing to be rude, Microsoft very much remind me of Sega during the Dreamcast era, great hardware but lacking a leadership with any clear vision or guts to make the hard choices that will drive marketshare. A rudderless ship springs to mind.

360 should be over the hill and far away by now, instead Microsoft have wasted a 12 month lead time and failed to cut prices at times when they could have crushed the opposition. PS3 is catching up and 120 Kinect will not help ship many more 360 units which is really what is going to matter over the next 2 years.
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Jack Loftus Contributing Editor, Gizmodo9 years ago
Price is $150 US, possibly with a game (not confirmed), and no console. Bundles appeared in the US at GameStop for anywhere between 200-300.

An unfortunate development/decision for MS, to say the least.
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It may well be too late in the cycle for either new controller to make a significant market difference: so this might be viewed as a warm-up for Microsoft, who would rather recoup costs.

But at the same time: Nov is months away, and they only need to announce a price in October. It would make sense for them to see what pricing Sony adopts, and to adjust their strategy accordingly. I doubt that leaked price is correct at all.
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Bob Kreut 3D Artist, ACRONYM Games9 years ago
For those wondering what the 15 launch games will be, they appear to be mainly Mini Games and Wii Fit imitations, as expected.

Kinect Adventures (Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinectimals (Frontier Studio/Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinect Joy Ride (Big Park/Microsoft Game Studios)
Kinect Sports (Rare/Microsoft Game Studios)
Dance Central (MTV Games)
The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout (THQ)
Game Party: In Motion (Warner Bros.)
Motion Sports (Ubisoft)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft)
EA Sports Active 2 (EA)
Deca Sports Freedom (Hudson)
Dance Masters (Konami)
Zumba Fitness (Majesco)
Sonic Free Riders (Sega)
Adrenalin Misfits (Konami)
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 9 years ago
Well judging from Bob's list of Kinect games, do we need to pay another $125 - $150 to play these Wii imitations on HD? For these games, HD really is not a necessity. I wonder how it will crack the market when you already have cheaper options available on the Wii (and most people already have a Wii as a secondary console)
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Benjamin Dixon Studying Computer Games Design and Programming, Staffordshire University9 years ago
Michael, have Sony not already said that even the most expensive Move bundle will come in under $100 or 100? I think it was said at GDC but I'm not certain. Anyway, the system and the demos shown today seemed a hell of a lot more believable than this time last year. I even laughed at a few of the more casual games and could quite easily imagine myself playing them
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Johan Ekblom9 years ago
Poor Microsoft, it will of course be great flop. With this upgraded Eye Toy
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Private Industry 9 years ago
I don`t expect people who own a Wii (casual gamers) to jump on any of those two since they already invested in the Wii and additional hardware and are not necessarily concern about HD or 3D. The only group I see going for the console + Kinect/Move are people without a next gen console so far and I`m not sure they where waiting for those control methods otherwise they would have probably already a Wii, but I don`t see Wii owners jumping ships. Many Wii owners who want HD have already anyway a Xbox 360 or PS3 next to the Wii.

The below 100$ price comment for Move was made last year at the E3 when Move was first shown, then again that could mean 99.99$ if you are evil. :D

While the Hardware of the Kinect is interesting, I can`t see it work for complex games like a FPS where you have to move forward and look around or for any Game that requires you to move your character. MS might have gone a bit to far, while the Move can be at least still adapted to work with conventional games as seen in the Socom presentation.

In general so far with the E3 disappointed watched the MS and Ubi media briefings and there where just to many games targeted for the casual/mainstream crowed for my taste one of the few highlights was Children of Eden from the Rez designer. Spending so much time at the E3 with things like Ubisofts version of the Vitality Sensor or Mini game collections for the Kinetic seems like a waste of time since the Expo is Industry only and I don`t see that the targeted audience would follow that show. There are easier and cheaper ways to get the targeted audience and media having a go and look at those things then spending 70% of your media briefing.

Then again might be just me being unhappy after watching the presentations streaming and not seeing enough games for the core gamers.
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Shane Sweeney Academic 9 years ago
Children of Eden from the Rez designer exclusive to Kinect?

Oh well I have to get it. Thats a Killer app for me right there.

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James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester9 years ago
Guys, watch the Dance Central demo and then tell me it won't sell. That game is pure mainstream, turn that demo into a TV advert and watch the masses flock. The Wii and Move will have nothing like that game, Microsoft need to exploit that fact to the nth degree and pimp the hell out of it.
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Diarmuid Murphy Developer Marketing, Microsoft9 years ago
Microsoft marketing seem to want to drip feed the information on Kinect so the price could be released at games con or another conference. They will have to annouce for August for the pre order market.
My guess would be they are also trying to reduce the cost of production by as much as possible to reduce the price. I doubt Microsoft will sell this for a profit, more likely break even on hardware to increase adoption and make money on games. I would be disappointed if it was over 100. Also worth bearing in mind with Move you need to purchase additional wands and nunchucks.
Just my opinion, not the company line.
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam9 years ago
Dance Central could be a killer app (just look at how well Just Dance has done on the Wii, despite only being able to, apparently quite poorly, detect what you're doing with your right hand .. ahem), but if the price rumours are true then $300 for a basic entry level Xbox 360 and Kinect is quite a barrier to entry for the kind of casual gamers it's likely to appeal to.

Also, while there's nothing else on the market quite like this (yet), I'd imagine you could do something very similar on the PlayStation Eye, and there's obviously a long history of dance games using dance mats. I'm just surprised nobody's done a cheap webcam dance game for the Wii yet (or at least, not that I'm aware of), which seems like a no brainer after the success of Just Dance.
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam9 years ago
As for Microsoft's launch line-up, it's rather disappointing that of the 15 titles, four of them are Wii Fit style games, three sound like Wii Sports style games, two are dancing games, and at least two sound like Eye Play / Wii Play style mini-game collections. I'm also surprised Microsoft's presenter managed to keep a straight face when describing Kinectimals (which looked like the bastard child of Nintendogs and Eye Pet) as something that wouldn't be possible on other systems.
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Jan Almqvist Senior Level Artist, Ubisoft Quebec City9 years ago
Even if the demos were good and something in there interested me, I still wouldn't be able to play since I don't have the right room size. I'm also a bit crazy I guess because I have this thing called a coffee table in front of the sofa. I don't like to put drinks and snacks on the floor, accidents happen and usually more often if I were to dance around in front of the sofa.

I think that if aliens came to earth and saw two guys interacting with media, one of which were flailing arms around, speaking commands and the other one relaxing in the couch using only his thumb on a "magic box" I think I know which one they would assume to be the most advanced... ("hint: the one utilising muscle memory and conserves energy and unnecessary thought process")
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Private Industry 9 years ago
@Shane. Children of Eden will be also released on PS3, at the end of the trailer the 360 and PS3 logo is shown.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
So much for my comment about price of 99.99$ if Sony would be evil lol
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