iPad can challenge PSP and DS – lbx games

New Apple hardware could position itself between mobile and console development, says German studio

Apple's new iPad could challenge Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS and become a link between mobile and home console gaming, according the German developer lbx games.

But CEO Fabian Thiele also said that a lack of support for Flash and multitasking may hamper the iPad as a home entertainment device when compared to Netbook offerings already on the market.

"Thanks to the iPhone/iPod feature set, the big screen and the fast processor, it's a real challenger for PSP and DS," said Thiele, speaking to

"It combines the best features of these two devices and excels them in nearly all functions. Sure, some hidden button and a directional pad would be brilliant, but for all the games the iPhone is famous for, the iPad will shine. And I'm pretty sure, that there will be a lot of iPad specific games and applications."

Pitched as an entertainment device for the home and with an interface and operating system already familiar to iPhone and iPod Touch users, the iPad offers opportunities for both mobile and console developers, said Thiele, and further increases Apple's expansion into the games market.

"The iPad could be the link between mobile gaming and normal computer games. So both ends, the mobile developers and the 'normal' computer developers, can use the platform as an extension to their product strategy.

"Besides, it could help to strengthen the Apple position in the gaming world. Even MacBook users can hope for more games. Sure, it will be a challenge to please both crowds, but with the expansion on more devices the opportunities are wonderful."

lbx is already planning to port its iPhone hit, Spongebob Jellyfish Jam, to the iPad, with upgraded assets, controls and new features. In the future, there will be opportunities to release versions of lbx games simultaneously for both formats, said Thiele. But the device may face some hurdles with consumers accustomed to certain features.

"There are two problems - the missing support for Flash [and] the lack of multitasking. Yes, thanks to Adobe´s CS5 you will be able to transport flash-applications to iPhone/iPod and iPad. But especially surfing through the web can be disappointing without Flash. I hope that Apple or some resourceful developer will add Flash support later.

"Multitasking can be a problem, when you compare the device with a Netbook. They both play in the same price league, but with a Netbook people are used to have a look at their mails without for example stopping the movie playback."

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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College8 years ago
Challenge the DS? No chance. Not at that price anyway.

I also don't see how so many bright people could sit around designing that thing and not factor Flash in from the word go!? Madness.

That aside, I'd like to tinker with one, especially when we deck this place out with CS5 >:)

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
It boggles my mind how many execs don't understand the very industry they preside over.

The PSP was supposed to compete (and it's done decently hardware wise but not at overtaking the DS overall). The iPhone and iPod Touch were supposed to remove the DS as portable top dog and I don't see either impacting the DS even remotely. And now this monstrosity of an oversized iPod Touch at 4-6 times the price and no buttons is supposed to do what those others with a better market position didn't?

Do these execs truly believe what they say or are they simply getting paid by X company to open their mouths?
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Ignatius Fernandes Studying Computer Science, Kingston University8 years ago
iPad has placed itself between a iPhone and a Laptop, It doesnt nearly have enough power to be a full fledged gaming device nor does it have something that the iPhone already doesnt have.

Steve Jobs has to be one of the best sales person I have ever seen, the way he was trying to market a product which didnt have any market was incredible.

This brings me to conclusion, game developers only make games for which console has some install base, right now the iPad doesnt but its rumored to play iPhone games so you wont be playing games specifically made for the iPad but games that were made for the iPhone but on a larger screen.
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Matej Gause CEO, Mobilgamer8 years ago
It's quite normal strategy. Apple don't have to release their devices with supporting of Flash, because iPad it's their first generation of tables. I am sure, that in the second one, there will definetely be Flash support and multitasking? Actually Apple devices could do multiple things all at once, but it's a litte bit narrowed.

In my opinion, new iPad is totally revolutionary device for gaming. I wouldn't look at its hardware preferences. I would look at its content and it is incredible because of 120 000 apps on iTunes.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Don`t see how the iPad could challenge DS or PSP in any kind of way, first of all the iPad is not really portable and when I`m at home I don`t really want to play on my handheld or this iPad on top of that is the price not really low for that oversized iPod touch. It`s just not marketed at gamers unlike DS or PSP, at best casual gamers who find out that it plays also games and where going to buy one anyway.
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Rob Fahey Columnist, GamesIndustry.biz8 years ago
I think those expecting to see Flash in a later version of the iPad will be sorely disappointed. Apple hasn't forgotten to include Flash - it has consciously and deliberately blocked Adobe from developing a version of Flash for both the iPhone and iPad. This is partially for technical reasons - Flash is the only widespread web technology which is capable of absolutely hammering the battery life and straining the CPU of a mobile device, and does so on a regular basis - but is mostly a political, long-term move.

Apple wants to kill off Flash; specifically, they want to kill off Flash as a video player and see it replaced by the (admittedly far superior) built-in video playback functionality of HTML 5. Every few million devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and now iPad) that they sell with no Flash capability is seen as another nail in the coffin by the guys in Cupertino. Whether they're right or not, of course, is another question entirely.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
Challenge the DS and PSP? You got to be joking! It has it's own appeal I admit like the iPhone-like games, but they're short novelty interests, it's completely casual. They should aim not to challenge the DS and PSP but to reach further out, like Nintendo have done with the Wii.
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Mark Nelson Games/Level Designers 8 years ago
I'd love to see Flash the on iPhone/iPad, but that would open the floodgates to alternative sources for simple games and streaming video; killing wireless networks that are already crying about data usage, and reducing the profitability of the on-device App store and iTunes.

Very sticky situation for Apple. My bet is no Flash until a very serious competitor forces the issue (can't decide who that would be...).
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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire8 years ago
Just wait and get a PC tablet/pad, you'll have the wonders of windows 7, flash and more! :)
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The whole appeal of the DS/PSP is its portability/ small size that fits in the pocket and raw power at hand. The ipad is a akine to a giant ping pong bat, that is slim enough to whack a few killer zombies at most with its acceleometer.
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Tigran Hovhannisyan Studying Marketing and Organisational Behavior, Macquarie University8 years ago
I think Apple lost some opportunities so far to make his iPad better.

1. Why there is no front cam ? They say, they wanna create ultimate communicating machine, and don't even put front cam ?

2. I don;t know, if there is some apps for this, but iPad could be used like tablet for amateur or even pro painting and animating.

3. Multitasking. This point I think is the most giant lack of iPad. May be I wanna listen to the music, while I read something on your device.
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Perhaps, the strategy Apple seeks to employ is to use the first gen iPad to establish a niche beachfront. Pending user uptake, allows for subsequent implementation of a proper ipad with sensible introduction of USB ports, and better power usage.

The addition of additional applications looks remote (increased power consumption), and the addition of flash (strategic/marketing decision)

The roll out of the ipad for artists, looks remote without any true pressure sensitivity (which again goes back to the issue of mobile applications optimized for ipad, which would require minimal power consumption/processing power).

So for now, we can sit and watch till Gen 2 or 3 iSlate
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Tigran Hovhannisyan Studying Marketing and Organisational Behavior, Macquarie University8 years ago
However, in my opinion Apple would be better off, if company entered that niche more aggressively, I mean enabled now USB ports, camera etc. Conquering market niche, especially in nowadays dynamic market structure is not an easy job, so I wished Apple included all good stuff in this first gen. I think overall people expected more from them.
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Dick8 years ago
didnt apple say same thing when ipod and i phone were launched i think they want to do microsoft thing try to dominate all types of market
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