Introversion lays bare Microsoft approval process

Internal documents, usability reports, code and more open to scrutiny

Independent developer Introversion is laying bare Microsoft's approval process for a game to be released via Xbox Live Arcade.

The team hopes to provide clarity to the procedures involved in the development and eventual release of forthcoming XBLA title Darwinia+.

The developer website details multiple processes including usability reports, internal design documents, company emails and AI code, with more details to be posted soon.

Introversion has also teamed with to provide exclusive editorial content critiquing the on-going development process, with the first two parts of an ongoing series available here and here.

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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media12 years ago
That's kind of cool and one assumes they are doing this with Microsoft's blessing?

The thing is though, the people to whome all this stuff is big news probably ought to be making games on XNA rather than XBLA anyway?
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