Imagine Publishing looks to the future

As Future and Highbury continue to dominate the UK games magazine industry, two former Paragon employees have established a new publishing company that plans to offer "a true alternative", according to trade paper MCV.

Imagine Publishing is being set up by Damian Butt and Mark Kendrick, who left Paragon and their roles as Editorial Director and Art Director last summer. They told MCV that the new venture will "breathe new life into modern videogames magazines" with a range of new titles to be launched this autumn.

"There has never been a more exciting time to be in the games industry and we are proud to offer a true alternative with Imagine," Butt is quoted as saying.

"We've spent the last six months bringing back the smiles and playing the latest games, reading all the magazines and watching events unfold. Games magazines these days are so similar, theyāre boring and there is definitely room for a fresh approach.

"Itās time to up the stakes and let the big boys know they canāt have it all their own way."

"Weāve set out to establish a creative free-thinking ideas-driven publishing environment and weāve done just that," added Kendrick.

"Imagine Publishing is the company we always wanted to run and now itās a reality. We are the future of magazines."

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