IGA enters advertising deal with Porterscope

Porterscope clients to be offered in-game billboards to compliment real life services

IGA Worldwide has entered into an agreement with communications agency Posterscope, to compliment its clients' real life billboards with in-game adverts.

The in-game exposure will be provided as complimentary part of existing 'out of home' advertising deals, with discounts being offered in exchange for less control over which specific games the adverts appear in.

"It is a logical step to include this package when planning broadcast out-of-home campaigns as the similarities in creative approach, media consumption and Postar-style audience measurement are huge," said James Davies, director of Posterscope’s innovations division, Hyperspace.

Ed Bartlett, vice president Europe of IGA, added: "Our network offers a wide range of relevant photorealistic and interactive environments, from cities to sports arenas, with the added advantage that our technology measures the size and duration of every ad on screen, for every single user."

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