Iceberg Interactive/Microïds deal

UK and Benelux distribution arranged for Return to Mysterious Islands 1 and 2, the Benoît Sokal Pack, the Dracula Trilogy and Still Life 2.

Haarlem, The Netherlands September 3rd 2009 Fast expanding videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive and Microds, a leading adventure games producer and publisher, have signed a long term distribution agreement for the release of several titles into the United Kingdom and Benelux.

Iceberg will kick off in October with the sequel to the acclaimed adventure game Return to Mysterious Island. In Return to Mysterious Island 2, events pick up from where they left in the original title, however, the helicopter that came to rescue Mina crashes and she is once again stuck on the island. Mysterious occurrences force Mina to explore new parts of the Island, left unvisited in part 1. The game features highly popular themes: survival, exploration, discovery, ecology, science and mystery in a fabulous tropical setting. The game also features synchronization with the Apple iPhone: players can solve puzzles on their iPhone and reintegrate them into their game.

Iceberg will also distribute two special edition PC packs by Microds. The first one is the Benot Sokal Pack, which includes Amerzone, Syberia and Syberia 2. Having sold millions of units worldwide, these hugely popular adventures have mesmerized many gamers over the years.

The second special pack is the Dracula Trilogy: which includes all titles of the original Dracula series: Dracula, Dracula 2 The Last Sanctuary and Dracula 3 The Path of The Dragon . Not needing any introduction, Dracula is a bestselling adventure game franchise with worldwide sales of over 1 million copies across the 3 installments. Also, a premiere, Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon has not been released in the UK before this pack.

With gaming becoming a more broadly accepted form of entertainment throughout all layers of society recently, these famous brands of games will appeal to many new players. Iceberg aims to open up these emerging markets as well as target fans and collectors of both the Dracula and Sokal-inspired games. Both Special Packs will be released during the 4th quarter of 2009. The games have all been re-mastered to work on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Iceberg will also release Still Life 2 for PC, the long expected sequel to Still Life, the adventure hit from 2005. Still Life 2 once again features special agent Vic McPherson, known to many gamers from her adventures in the acclaimed adventure games Post Mortem and Still Life. She is hunting down serial killers with more determination than ever. Also featuring in the game is investigative reporter Paloma Hernandez, who gets kidnapped by the cruel East Coast Killer. Not only will the end of Still Life finally be revealed, players will get to play both Paloma and Vic in a breathtaking thriller filled with movie-like pace, suspenseful investigation and survival gameplay. Still Life 2 is scheduled for release in Q1-2010.

Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive says: We are very excited to start this co-operation with Microds and we absolutely look forward to distributing these superb quality titles. With bringing to market the sequels to two acclaimed adventure games, as well as two brand new and attractively priced special packs, we aim to both boost our position in the UK market as well as provide great winter entertainment for UK adventure game fans. We anticipate that there is more to come from this co-operation in the near future.

Roch Roustan, Managing Director of Microds is thrilled:We are extremely glad to partner with Iceberg and their seasoned team and I am looking forward to provide the UK adventure fans community with some of our best adventure games like the awaited Return to Mysterious Island 2, Still Life 2 and the award-winning Dracula 3.

About Microds

MICRODS is one of the leading adventure games producers and publishers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. With an ongoing focus on hiring the industry's best and brightest new talents, MICRODS is home to the teams that develop and create innovative games and interactive programs. MICRODS has one of the worlds first and largest adventure catalogues, bringing together titles from Microds, Cryo, Index+ and Wanadoo Edition. MICRODS international successes include Still Life, Syberia, Atlantis, Dracula, Egypt and Versailles series, or the Amerzone and Obscure hits.

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About Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive is a brand new videogame publisher set to make a splash in the interactive entertainment industry. Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Iceberg Interactive is a new alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience. Iceberg Interactives portfolio of products includes titles for both the PC and console platforms, with a special focus on the casual gamer and specialty niche products. This is reflected in our line-up which contains simulators, tycoon, adventure, action and brain-training games.

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