IBM makes 4000 'stealth' job cuts

Company will not release specific numbers, prompting complaints from ex-employees

IBM has cut as many as 4000 positions in the US as it scales back due to the current economic climate.

The company is reluctant to release any specific numbers, as roles in hardware, software and sales jobs are axed, according to a report by the Associated Press.

IBM considers the job cuts normal practice and is not required by the Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose actual figures as they are not considered 'material' events.

According to the report, numerous ex-IBM employees have "flooded online job boards with complaints about the company's stealth cuts."

Union AllianceAtIBM estimates that more than 4000 jobs have been axed, while the Associated Press has gained access to a document which revealed over 3000 positions cut and the age of the workers laid-off.

IBM has been scaling up positions in cheaper markets such as India, with staff in the region going from 9000 to 74,000 between 2003 and 2007.

IT firm Intel announced plans to cut jobs and close two production facilities last week.

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