Harrison joins Gardner at London Venture Partners

Former Sony, Atari exec joins investment firm

Phil Harrison, former Sony worldwide studios boss and Atari president, has confirmed his appointment with London Venture Partners.

The company has been established by Harrison, ex-EA vet and Atari CEO David Gardner, Unity chairman David Lau-Kee and MD of Avista Partners Paul Heydon.

Gardner confirmed the start-up last month at Nordic Game, when he told attendees the company is looking to fund forward-thinking games businesses.

"There's no easy way for a start-up company to be successful competing against an established player," he said. "You absolutely need to make a bet on where you think things are going to move and place your forward bets. When you do that you want people who are very passionate about what they are trying to achieve, that are obviously smart."

The firm lists its profile on Linked In as "a European Venture Capital fund focusing on disruptive new technology in the online, social, mobile and web game space. The partnership was founded by four leading executives from the videogame industry combining top experience in general management, studio leadership, technology and finance."

The company is currently raising funds and applying for approval by the financial services authority.

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By Dan Pearson

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