Harmonix: Music games might not need consoles in the future

Creative director predicts plug and play peripherals could be where the music genre is heading

Music games might not need consoles in the future, according to Harmonix creative director Josh Randall. Instead, instruments could store songs on them and be plugged straight into a television.

"I think you could foresee a future where maybe you don’t even have a console," Randall said, speaking to "Your instrument can have all these songs and you just plug it into your TV. I’m sure it [the genre] is going to start to move in weird ways that no-one’s even thought of yet."

He also revealed that, while the company is concentrating primarily on console development, it's keeping an eye on developments outside of the traditional home console sector.

"We’re obviously focused on the consoles, but outside of Harmonix there are people doing interesting stuff in the mobile space. It’s going to be interesting when it all splinters apart and then comes back together in some form we’ve not even thought of yet."

Harmonix was acquired by MTV Networks in 2006 and is currently working on The Beatles: Rock Band as well as, in conjunction with TT Games, LEGO: Rock Band.

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