Hands-On Mobile Embarks on a Crystal Quest

LONDON, UK-AUGUST 22, 2007-Hands-On Mobile, the world's leading developer of connected games and applications, today announced that it has signed a multi-year global deal with AT New Media (Brands Division) negotiated by AT New Media on behalf of the brand owner Patrick Buckland, to bring Crystal Quest, the highly addictive and intense arcade action classic, to mobile phone users worldwide. Under the agreement, Hands-On Mobile will leverage its vast distribution channels and marketing expertise to launch a series of Crystal Quest titles throughout the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Crystal Quest is a unique combination of therapeutic enjoyment and intense adrenalin-boiling arcade action that has won hordes of fans since its launch in 1987 when it became an instant hit after being launched as the very first colour game for the Apple Macintosh. Its versatility and popularity has meant it has been ported to multiple platforms over the years including the Nintendo Gameboy, PalmPilot and Pocket PCs. The game experienced a brand new lease of life in 2006 as one of the first titles released for Xbox 360 Live Arcade where it has become a best seller. In 2007 the game became one of only seven launch games on Microsoft Vista.

"Crystal Quest is an iconic arcade classic with gameplay that is perfectly suited to the mobile platform and is now sure to win a fresh set of fans," said Eric Hobson President and General Manager EMEA, Hands-On Mobile. "We are delighted that Hands-On Mobile has been chosen to create and distribute mobile games on a property with such a strong gaming heritage as Crystal Quest, which has with thousands of gamers worldwide."

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media, said: "Our partnership with Hands-On Mobile, one of the world's leading mobile media companies, has allowed us to successfully and seamlessly expand our activities onto extending the incredibly popular classic games market on mobile. Crystal Quest is set to be a modern mobile classic and is sure to delight old and new fans alike."

The basic premise of the game is very simple and anybody can play it from the word go; the player guides their ship around the screen collecting all the crystals to open a gateway at the bottom of the screen that allows the player to escape to the next wave. There are 12 different types of 'nasty' with a new type of nasty every three waves. All of them have a unique personality so fresh tactics are needed to successfully progress. Dynamic score multipliers add extra tension to the game encouraging players to collect crystals (and not just hunt nasties) so that they can quickly move onto the next wave. Every time a crystal is collected the score multiplier increases by one: If it takes more than two seconds between crystals the total score is lost.

Unlike other arcade shooters, Crystal Quest doesn't overwhelm and intimidate novice players, and so it has always been very popular with casual gamers. For dedicated fans though, the game enables players to turn up the skill level, resulting in the game becoming as frantic and as challenging as any of its peers.

About Hands-On Mobile, Inc.

Hands-On Mobile is a leading global publisher of mobile games and personalisation products targeting all market segments of the mobile handset marketplace. With operations in four continents, Hands-On Mobile develops, publishes and distributes mobile content to more than 150 of the world's leading operators in 40 countries. Hands-On Mobile provides operators and their customers with the world's best entertainment brands and applications and provides brand owners with the shortest route to market. The Hands-On content catalogue is diverse, including BREW, Java, SMS, MMS, and WAP games, and music, sports, lifestyle, personalisation, and information-services subscription products. Hands-On Mobile is a U.S. corporation with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in San Diego, California; London and Manchester, England; Krakow, Poland; São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai and Beijing, China; and Seoul, Korea.

For more information about Hands-On Mobile's products and organisation please visit Hands-On Mobile is a trademark of Hands-On Mobile, Inc. All other product or company names are trademarks of their respective owners.

About AT New Media

AT New Media is a licensing agency and consultancy, offering a comprehensive range of services to brand owners, content providers and merchandise licensees. AT New Media is positioned at the junction where new media meets brand licensing, offering a high level of expertise and experience in some of the most rapidly evolving new interactive platforms including Mobile Phones, the Internet, Digital interactive TV (DiTV) and Videogames. AT New Media is achieving worldwide critical acclaim for its performance in this sector for both brand owners and content licensees alike.

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