Greenberg: E3 leak "completely uninformed"

Microsoft spokesperson tells Eurogamer it "does not even come close"

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has told our sister site Eurogamer that the information supposedly leaked about the platform holder's E3 showing is "completely uninformed".

"I can confirm that this post is completely uninformed and does not even come close to matching our news for E3," Greenberg told Eurogamer.

"You can't believe everything you read, but it is fun to see people trying to guess what will be shown at the show and we are excited to share our real news with everyone on June 1st."

Microsoft's conference begins at 10.30am PST (6.30pm BST) on 1st June.

The earlier supposed leak claimed that Metal Gear Solid 4 was on its way to Xbox 360, along with a motion controller called Xbox Fluid and various other unannounced projects.

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Neil McPhillips Senior Development Manager, Blazing Griffin8 years ago
Why would Eurogamer run a story based on a random twitter feed?

Was the twit from someone who would know?
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