Green Man Gaming opens with penny sale

New site offers pre-owned digital downloads; founders celebrate worldwide response

Digital pre-owned games retailer Green Man Gaming has announced the official launch of its new PC games downloads website at

The site allows users to trade-in their digitally downloaded games, with over 26 publishers already on board and over 500 titles supported.

"We are delighted to have launched with a penny game sale and are amazed by the response from customers across the globe. As the service went live we were surprised by the initial rush of customers from Japan and India," said COO Gian Luzio.

"We launched with a small selection of titles to ensure it worked and I'm glad to report that everything has run smoothly and we will be adding more titles and fantastic sales promotions over the next few days," he added.

Green Man Gaming first announced its intention to sell pre-owned digital games in January this year, with subsequently conducting an exclusive interview with Luzio and CEO Paul Sulyok.

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Josef Brett Animator 9 years ago
How do you trade digital games?
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Cedric Warluzel E-Marketing / CM (available) 9 years ago
and it's not even explain on their website...
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Stefan Herzog9 years ago
There has to be some extra software you need in order to play the games? Because if I own a digital copy on my harddisk, how will they take it from me? Or it's a key based service? xD

Edit: Of course, it says download client on the top menu..

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Stefan Herzog on 10th May 2010 11:34pm

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Robert Shepherd Studying Games Designer, Train2Game9 years ago
Just checked on the 'Support tab' and it explains everything. Works just like steam for the most part.

Download capsule (thier client) and choose a game to buy, then hit purchase and enter card details.
The whole trade in thing is for games downloaded via them. so if your not going to play a game you bought from them, just trade it back for credit towards a new game. It seems pretty decent, but im going to wait for PayPal support.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University9 years ago
Thx robert, now i can see how it works.
Only time will tell if it will work in the long run :)
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