Ghost in the Sheet

Black comedy point-and-clicker available now by digital download.

Adventure Productions the Adventures Planet publishing brand is pleased to announce that the adventure game Ghost in the Sheet The Secret of Sector Omega, developed by Cardboard Box Entertainment, is finally available in digital delivery (expect for North America and Canada). The game is already available on at the special price of 14.90.

Ghost in the Sheet is a pointnclick adventure game based upon a highly original story about a ghost who finds out that the Afterlife is not nearly as fun as it sounds. Having met your new and rather unpleasant astral boss, you embark on an adventure to an abandoned factory with the goal of finding out what happened there.

Black Comedy




Full English

High resolution graphics with detailed animations to immerse the player

Gripping storyline garnished with black comedy afterlife style

A RPG-like skill learning system as the player progresses through the game, he learns new paranormal skills which are vital for future adventures

Skills range from the conventional paranormal Telekinesis to obscure skills like Scary Sound

Nonlinear gameplay that allows the player to freely roam the factor while solving a variety of puzzles in any order

Music and sound design are seamlessly integrated into the game enhancing gameplay and creating an enthralling, engaging atmosphere

Humorous and entertaining minigames integrated into the gameplay

No dying, mazes, slider puzzles, or timed sequences that can needlessly frustrate

NPCs who reveal hints for puzzles and provide intriguing back-story

Comic style cutscenes to supplement the plot

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