Gears of Wars 3 outed for April 2011 release

Ad announcing game accidentally appears on XBL dashboard

Gears of War 3 appears to have been prematurely announced by Microsoft via an advert which appeared briefly on the XBL dashboard.

The ad, captured by Kotaku, bears the words: "Gears of Wars 3 Announced: The epic story concludes April 2011".

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski had been expected to announce the game while appearing as a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show yesterday, however his appearance was subsequently put back until next Monday - a reschedule that apparently wasn't picked up on by Microsoft.

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Dara Healy Staff Writer, Atamia8 years ago
Oooh someone's going to get into trouble!
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Solomon Lee Web-Based Games Reviewer 8 years ago

Something or someone is going down in the hallow.
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Ben Howse8 years ago
Talk about a stuff up..
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