GC Developers Conference 2008

1,250 developers turn out for Leipzig spin-off do.

GC Developers Conference (GCDC)

(August 18-20, 2008)

The GC Developers Conference (GCDC) closed today with a record attendance of 1,250 participants (940 in 2007) coming from over 40 countries (37 in 2007). In the course of the three-day conference, participants took their chance to network, exchange ideas and discuss new developments. The last keynote address on the final day was given by Chris Taylor who rounded off the conference.

The GCDC is positioned as the leading forum for Europe. This years GCDC welcomed attendees from North America, Great Britain and Germany. The number of developers who attended from Eastern Europe was particularly striking.

This years GC Developers Conference was a truly international event with top class speakers, said Wolfgang Marzin, president and CEO of the Leipzig Trade Fair.

Frank Sliwka, conference director of GCDC, explained, GCDC is now established as one of the international leading conferences. I want to thank all the speakers who contributed with their sessions to this high-quality program.

Among the speakers at the GCDC this year were Bo and Ulf Andersson (both Sweden, founders of GRiN), Bob Bates (USA, game designer and producer), Adam Boyes (USA, Director of Production & Business Development, Capcom Entertainment), Michael Capps (USA, President, Epic Games), Don Daglow (USA, independent game developer and consultant), Alexander und Hector Fernndez (both Netherlands, CEO, Streamline Studios B.V.), Eyjolfur Gudmundsson (Iceland, lead economist, CCP hf), Fred Hasson (Chairman EGDF), Alistair Hill (Great Britain, analyst, comScore M:Metrics), Joshua Hong (USA, founder and CEO, K2 Networks), Floris Janssen (Netherlands, VP Marketing, EMI Music,), Ariella J. Lehrer (USA, President and CEO, Legacy Interactive), Steve Meretzky (USA, Senior Designer, Blue Fang Games), David Perry (USA, Chief Creative Officer, Acclaim Games), Dan Rogers (USA, Senior Partner, Interactive Studio Management), Jos Ruffell (New Zealand, Business Development Executive, Sidhe Interactive), Oded Sharon (Israel, CEO, Corbomite Games), Chris Taylor (USA, Founder, Gas Powered Games), Margaret Wallace (USA, CEO, Rebel Monkey), and Cevat Yerli (Germany, CEO and President, Crytek).

Leipzig has a familiar atmosphere which is really excellent for working with and meeting people from the video games industry and catching up with old friends. Thats why I like the conference.

I am at GCDC for the first time and have to admit that I am quite surprised by the fact that there are many hardcore games interested and male attendees. I am not used to it from other events at California where its more diverse. So its a different feeling here and I had a great time with my panel. I definitely want to come back.

For me it was the first time at GCDC. Now I do understand why everyone likes the conference so much Ill be back for sure.

I really love the show being here is like a big family.

As I said in my session, I just cant stop talking about GCDC. I love coming to GCDC because Leipzig is a place with a big tradition and GCDC has just the same spirit for change and exchange of ideas.

First I like the German beer at the GCDC and second I like the high intimacy compared to the GDC in San Francisco. You have the chance to meet everyone here and actually have a serious talk and not rush from meeting to meeting.

What I like most about the GCDC is the opportunity to interact intently with the attendees, mingling informally, have a beer together and sitting in a kind of ivory tower with nobody able to reach and talk to you.

David Perry (Acclaim Games)

The idea of bringing a whole bunch of people from Europe here together and to have the chance to discover so much talent is what I like most of the GCDC. Its so interesting to meet all the young people with their new ideas, which you havent thought of and probably never would.

I love the fact that the GC and the GCDC are not only for publishers and developers but also for students and gamers. This really makes the difference to other conferences.

For me the attentive audience is one of the best things about the GCDC. The people are so passionate and focused. It makes much more fun to answer all those great questions.

I really enjoyed the panels and speeches, especially the one by Meretzky. The GCDC is small enough not to get lost, but big enough for a lot of interaction with different attendees and speakers.


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